Monday, January 23, 2012

Surf and Serve? Camp Pendelton Kids (CPK) Afterschool Surf Club 2012

Want To SURF and Serve Groms?
CPK is looking for a few good  hands to volunteer through surfing and having fun beach days with military kids living on base.
Text Chris for more info 949.637.9957 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CSF Pro-Am Fam Surf Contest Lights Up Oceanside Pier

CSF Pro-Am Fam Surf Contest Lights Up Oceanside Pier


Under sunny December skies with light winds the Christian Surfing Federation set up shop this past weekend on the South side of the Oceanside Pier.

Billed a "Family Fest" it did not disappoint as there were surf divisions for all levels and age surfer- from top pros to mini-groms.

On the beach between heats kids, along with the help of some dads, tarps and suds, constructed an epic boogie board slip 'n slide- designed for launching huge airs. Happy to report no injuries, a bunch of wacky rides and lots o laughs were had by all. After the slip 'n slide groms were seen playing dodgeball and riding those impossibly fun but massive Hamboard skateboards throughout the pier zone- not at the same time, of course.

Nate Wells, youth Pastor at Las Flores Church in Carlsbad delivered a Christmas message, while Steve Harmon of Grace Chapel played beautiful worship music that filled the coastal area with warmth.

The action in the water-

The guys in the Pro Division put on a clinic on ripping chest high surf, helping inspire the other competitors to see what was possible.

In the Pro Final was Paul Pugliesi, Ausin Ware, J.D. Lewis and Christian Saenz.

It was a tight affair throughout the 20 minute heat- as each pro had managed two mid level scores. However with time getting tight and needing a score J.D. Lewis found a solid left hander allowing him to unleash a series of vertical jams that earned him a 9 point ride and a slim victory over second place finisher Austin Ware. Taking Third was Christian Saenz and fourth Paul Pugliesi.

So many great moments throughout the day in each division- check the results below and all the photos at

Many Thanks to all our sponsors, participants and most of all- our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for another great day at the beach.

Results from the Amateur Divisions:

Open Men
1 Joe Diamond
2 Paul Pugliesi
3 Brandon Manguso
4 Schuler Zimmerman
5 Nate Wells
6 Jachin Hamboard

Micro-Groms U9 boys and girls
1 Daryn Trounce
2 Zeke Rose
3 Lylan Collins
4 Dane Matson
5 Layne Barnes
6 Bane Corbett
Groms U10 boys and girls
1 Kade Matson
2 Jack Stewart
3 Peter Stewart
4 Luke Adleman
5 Delaney Trounce
6 Keaton Rose

Boys U12
1 Kade Matson
2 Nathan Carabba
3 Ashton Wright
4 Tanner Frost
5 Ethan Hurst
6 Jack Christensen

Boys U14
1 Connor Mckenna
2 Shane Freyberger
3 Sammy Harju
4 Dylan Reed
5 Kaeden Carabba
6 Simon Hausmaniger

Boys U16
1 Tai Steaton
2 Brennan Aubol
3 Dane Thomson
4 Connor Macleod
5 Sammy Harju
6 Jay Christensen

Girls U14/16
1 Meah Collins
2 Malia Osterkamp
3 Maya Saulino
4 Sydney Kay
5 Marlee Grosher

Boys U18
1 Jordan Kudla
2 Spencer Bentley
3 Brandon Manguso
4 Adam Mejia
5 Dylan Sonderegger
6 Adam Kaufman

Open Women Long Board
1 Marlee Grosher
2 Mallory Ederlin
3 Hillary Johnson
Open Women
1 Meah Collins
2 Alexa Frantz
3 Malia Osterkamp
4 Maya Saulino
5 Kelsey Harris
6 Olivia Lahenauer

1Vincent Duprat
2 Hank Osterkamp
3 Tom Baker
4 Paul Pence
5 Brian Frost
6 Chris Williams

Open Mens Long Board
1 Nick Anderberg
2 Nic Deroz
3 Dane Dornan
4 Gus Hamborg
5 Shea Roney
6 Jeff Cole

Senior Men
1 Hank Osterkamp
2 Paul Pence
3 Richard Hausmaniger
4 Jeremy Handysides
5 Anthony Roach
6 Chris Williams

1 Hank Osterkamp
2 Micah Buetz
3 Nate Wells
4 Tom Baker
5 Troy Mcdonald
6 Vincent Duprat

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Military Ministry- CPK Surf Club

Surfing with The Camp Pendleton Kids down on Base!

These kids are wonderful young folks and their parents are serving in our military.

God Bless these young shredders!

Here ya go.

keep updated with us here at Soul Surfing! Check back for riders stories and photos, videos, local town fun!

thank you and God Bless!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

C.P.K. starting now!

Be praying for Soul Surfing as a new year of C.P.K. starts up! Were excited to announce that we will be starting Thursday, Oct. 7th! Were apmed to have this ministry and pray to see it grow! Its an awesome chance to reach out to military families and share God's love with these kids!

John 21:16

16He said to him again a second time, "Simon, son of John, do you love Me?" He said to Him, "Yes, Lord; You know that I love You." He said to him, "Shepherd My sheep."

Get involved! And Pray!

thank you!